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Skyreach 4 MINI

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At just 5.0L in volume, the SkyReach 4 MINI redefines what small form factor computing can be, marrying a folded GPU layout and DC-DC/Nano AC-DC PSU support to cram high-performance hardware in a ultra-portable package.

Attention: The S4M is currently sold-out and a re-stock estimate is not available at this time. Our new case, the SkyReach 4 TINY, is now available. You may be interested in the S4T Transform Kit (L) option that is comparable to the S4M, but is slightly larger with more CPU cooler and GPU compatibility options.

In the box: Skyreach 4 MINI, PCIe riser

NOT in the box: Power Supply, ON/OFF Switch.

What reviewers are saying about the S4 MINI

Real quotes from real enthusiasts

The diminutive S4 MINI case pushes the definition of SFF cases to the absolute breaking point... To say I love it would be an understatement.

Linus Tech Tips

The S4 MINI represents something truly unique. It straddles the line between size and power more successfully than any case I have ever seen.

Tek Everything

The best impossibly tiny Mini-ITX case... smaller than a PlayStation 4, and can fit components even more powerful than Sony’s console.


The S4 Mini is truly a unique PC case, which really makes you stand out of the crowd.

Shady CW

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Thank you to all our customers who made the TINY and MINI projects a success. We hope to bring them back one day, but for now we are taking a break. Please check the NFC Discord for the best used or NIB Skyreach Products.