S4 Mini

A realized dream: The S4 Mini Chassis

Actually Mini-ITX.

Cubes, towers, and micro-trays all have their places, but we believe that Mini-ITX should be about minimalism.  The patented  4.6L S4 MINI Classic has exactly enough room for exactly what you need.

Built for travel.

The S4 MINI Classic is engineered to travel.  Twice the aluminum as any chassis in its class, and extra durable finishing protect the MINI along the way to your next LAN, Expo, or trip to the living room TV.

More computer than you think.

The S4 MINI Classic supports all the latest low voltage wonders the hardware market has to offer.  Coolers 44mm in height are more than enough for 65w i7s, and with ample room for next gen 8" cards, 4k gaming in a box the size of a ream of paper is a reality. 

Luxury finishing.

Not only do the materials exude luxury, especially the 5mm thick wrap-around aluminum façade, but the finishing is performed to the highest standards.  The air-craft grade aluminum is anodized and dyed black inside and out and the outer shell is powder-coated with a textured finish.