Shipping Guidelines

Summary of Shipping Guidelines

The following page outlines our Shipping Guidelines for products fulfilled by NFC.

The "In Legalese" portions of each section detail the guidelines provided by NFC, organized by section. These are legally binding. Meanwhile, the "In Plain Language" portions of each section provide a short explanation of the relevant guidelines for reference. These are not legally binding.


In Plain Language

NFC fulfills orders from many locations using a variety of carriers. We try to provide a variety of shipping services to give customers their choice of shipping speed and value.

In Legalese

NFC products are shipped globally from a variety of locations - complete with a tracking number - depending on product availability. Current shipping carriers offered, include the Chunghwa POST (Taiwan Postal Service), China Post (China Postal Service), and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

For the quickest delivery time, we provide air shipping for most countries around the world. Alternatively, we provide more economical surface shipping (ocean freight and/or ground shipping), but for a smaller group of countries. Finally, for those customers that require a shipping carrier beyond these options, we ask that you please contact Customer Support.


In Plain Language

We provide estimates for shipment times on our website, but these do not include customs processing times as these can vary significantly.

In Legalese

The delivery date depends primarily on method of shipping and the destination country’s Customs. Transit time shown for various shipping methods are estimates, and do NOT include Customs process time. The total transit time is the estimated transit time plus Customs process time, therefore the actual delivery time may vary greatly. During and before holidays, Custom processing time will be longer, increasing the total transit time for delivery. In some countries, Customs will hold the package until the import duty and or taxes are paid. As outlined in Terms and Conditions, import duty and or taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Lost or Damaged from Shipping

In Plain Language

If a shipment is lost or damaged, you must immediately report it to the carrier and let NFC know, in order to utilize the shipping insurance NFC provides for all packages.

In Legalese

While all shipments are insured, customers are responsible for filing damage claims with the delivery carrier. A written report from the delivery carrier is required to claim insurance. Once NFC receives the insurance reimbursements, replacements will be ship to the customers.

The grace period to file damage claims is limited, customers must act quickly upon receiving damaged packages.

Delivery Failed and Returned to Warehouse

In Plain Language

You are responsible for ensuring that your package can be successfully delivered. Customers will need to pay any fees for returned and/or re-shipped items.

In Legalese

It is the customers’ responsibility to facilitate successful delivery by 1) choosing the right delivery method and respective transit time, 2) actively monitor the tracking number provided and 3) coordinate with local carrier for delivery.

For most countries, three (3) attempts of delivery will be made prior to sending the item back to the shipping address. If the package fails to deliver, it will be shipped back to NFC’s warehouse, and incur a returned-shipping fee. Customers are responsible for the return-shipping fee due to delivery failure.